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It is evident that due to multifarious reasons including several inadequacies of the existing mental health care delivery infrastructure, human rights violations often take place in varied forms in the life of the persons with mental illness . Hence we the members of the SEVAC Family raised our voice for recognizing "All Mental Health Issues as Human Rights Issues" and put emphasis on intensifying an effective advocacy at the highest level to sensitize the STATE to take necessary measures for improving the deplorable mental health scenario of the country within a time bound period . In order to reach this goal we developed a wide spread network from the community level to the policy making level for strengthening the said advocacy at different strata of the society. We have also been able to develop the following instruments in this direction.

'Delhi Declaration on Mental Health' was made in a national seminar held on 10th February, 2013 with the support of the National Human Rights Commission & European Union in order to give a mandate to the state for improving the deplorable mental health scenario of the country within a time bound period.

'Calcutta Declaration on Mental Health and Human Rights' was made and released by Hon'ble Justice Ranganath Mishra, Former Chief Justice of India and the First Chairperson of the National Human Rights Commission of India on the basis of the mandates of the national seminars organised by SEVAC.

Mental Health Manual for the use of the Police Officers/Staff Members of the Custodial Institutions

Handbook on Mental Health and Human Rights Training.

A Compendium of write-ups aiming at the Mental Health Promotion of children and adolescents

Resolutions & Recommendations adopted in different National Seminars/Workshops.

* SEVAC has filled a PIL drawing the attention of the Hon'ble Supreme Court regarding several inadequacies of the mental health care delivery infrastructure of the country.

* SEVAC shares its experience and idea with the international community for highlighting the necessity of human rights promotion of the persons with mental illness living across the globe.

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