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Chamatkarik Hanuman Temple of Madhya Pradesh

There is a Lord Hanuman Temple in a remote village of the Chindwara District of Madhya Pradesh. A large number of Mental Patients used to languish in this temple in a very deplorable condition. Some of them were also kept in chain in a brutal way. With the support of the National Human Rights Commission and European Union we set a weekly Psychiatric Clinic into operation in the year 2012 for bringing them under the purview of psychiatric treatment. We also motivated the Government of Madhya Pradesh to supply free medicines to all the patients who attend our clinic . As a consequence now most of the mentally ill persons, who come to this temple also attend our clinic to undergo psychiatric treatment. Because they have experienced how medicines can improve their life quality by controlling the symptoms. Patients in chain are now rarely found in the temple premises. However through this work we have developed a MODEL, which can be named as 'Operation Commitment Model' and can be easily replicated in other shrines of the country where persons with mental illness languish in the same way.

Mehandipur Balaji Temple of Rajasthan

There is another Hanuman Temple located at the Dausa District of Rajasthan. This temple is known as Mehandipur Balaji Temple. A large number of persons with mental illness also languish therein in the name of Faith Healing . Hence we are now replicating the aforementioned model in this temple in collaboration with the Department of Health, Government of Rajasthan and National Human Rights Commission.

Baba Ramdev Temple

Baba Ramdev Temple is located at the Kundius village of Ajmer, Rajasthan. A large number of mental patients also languish therein in the name of Faith Healing. On the basis of our observation the Dept. of Health , Government of Rajasthan has also set a fortnightly Psychiatric Clinic into operation in the said temple.

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