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Fighting the Stigma

The word Stigma is found both in Greek and Latin . In Greek it means a kind of 'Tatoo Mark' , 'Cut' or 'Burn' into the skin of the Criminals, Slaves and Traitors. Hence it is clear how derogatory it is to stigmatize a person for a reason, which is beyond his/ her control.

It is evident that Stigma is closely associated with Mental Illness across the world . Due to Stigma human rights violations often take place in the life of the persons with mental. Unfortunately due to stigmatization a large number of them are purged from the mainstream of social life.

Hence from the beginning of our journey we have been fighting Stigma through all possible ways including Group Counseling , Community Sensitization Pogramme and spreading Mental Health Education among different stakeholders. We try to preach that 'Mental Illness is controllable/curable like any other physical illness, if treated properly.

It is noteworthy that 'Self Stigma' among the users is very common. Many of them stigmatize themselves and abruptly quit the treatment. Often this type of attitude causes relapse. However, this is only one example of 'Self Stigma.' There are many other forms of 'Self Stigma' , which lead the patients to chronicity and disability.

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