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Rehabilitation & SEVAC Clubhouse of India

SEVAC operates a Psychosocial Rehabilitation Centre, which is known as SEVAC Clubhouse of India. It is noteworthy that 'Clubhouse Model' is an internationally accepted rehabilitation model, which is being practiced in 32 countries across the globe. From the Fountain House (New York) this model was developed six decades ago and gradually spread in different parts of the world.

Currently, a body called Clubhouse International has set some operational guidelines and standards to enable all the clubhouses of the world to work uniformly for facilitating the psychosocial rehabilitation of the persons with mental illness. In a clubhouse setup the persons suffered from mental illness are called 'members' . They come to the clubhouse to spend meaningful time in a dignified way. They play a vital role to operate and manage a clubhouse. A 'work order' is followed in every clubhouse setup. However, SEVAC Clubhouse is the first as well as the only clubhouse in India, which has been recognized by the International Clubhouse. We the members of the SEVAC Family feel that in a country like ours the Clubhouse Model can benefit the persons with mental illness to a great extent. Hence we have been trying to motivate the NGOs and the government to adopt this model for the cause of the persons with mental illness.

SEVAC also implemented a Community Based Rehabilitation Project for a considerable length of time with the support of CBR Forum.

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